Other NSW - Speedways
Woollongong Speedway - NSW - 1938
Sydney Showground - Homebush -NSW
Gosford Speedway - Round 3.
On the right is a rare programme cover -

Belmont Speedway - near Newcastle NSW in the mid 1950s.
Below:  Woolongong Speedway - 1955.
1st Sunday meeting.

Scans courtesy of Bill Shevill - thanks Bill.
1945 - Henson Park Marrickville - NSW  - it wasn't a Speedway meeting as such.
It was Speedcar demonstrations on a banked cycling track.
11.11.1945 - Speedcar demonstrations at Henson Park.
Another rare cover
Bankstown Speedway - today Bankstown City Paceway - a trotting venue.
Johnny Stewart started his career at Bankstown in Stock Cars - circa 1955.
Cover scan courtesy of Rod Sherwood.
Homebush - a round of the 2002 World Solo Championship
The first ever Speedway meeting at the New Sydney Showground  - Homebush.