The Sydney Royal(e)
The Sydney Showground Speedway - Moore Park
Meeting was Saturday 21st. August - 1926.
Saturday - 10th December 1927
Note the Promoters.
Meeting was  Saturday - 26th February 1927.
Saturday 19th December 1936
Saturday December 5th. 1936
November- 1969
November - 1969
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October 1955
January 1956
April 1956
April 1956
1937 - This ad courtesy of the late
Jim McCleod.
In the year 2000, we of the Vintage Speedway movement in NSW, had two plaques laid at Fox Studios, the old Royale site, to commemorate the sport of Speedway, over 70 years, at the site.
The plaques are mounted on a wall at the old track edge in front of the shell of the old
Suttor Stand.
Pass courtesy of the late Kevin Park.
Thanks to Bill Shevill - ad left.
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David Williams

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