For your enjoyment :
My main website - Vintage Speedway established in 2000 and covering most aspects of the Speedway of old of my interest.
Solos - Sidecars - Speedcars - Stock Cars up to circa 1970s. 
Australian and International.
Something on this site for most to enjoy.
Click on the  'Video Clips' heading for some unique video footage from old and not so old.

A website devoted to those 'Mighty Midgets' of  yesteryear.
Most of the big Aussie names featured and a lot of American input
including yarns and photos from the career of 'Methanol' Mel Anthony.
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the main



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that  website.
A website devoted to Solo Speedway of old - from the 1920s on...
Some unique photos of Solo Speedway at home and abroard.
A website devoted to Sidecar racing of old and it's heroes.
A website devoted to the fabulous Sydney Showground Speedway - The Royale.
Photo history from 1926 to it's final meeting on 27.4.1996.
The official website of the Australian Speedway Riders Association of Australia.
(Former Veteran Speedway Riders of Australia)
Carries an Events page to see what the Vets are doing socially.
A website for  a selection of my modern Speedway photos shot by me over the last 17 years. Solos - Sidecars - Midgets - Sprintcars etc. at various Australian Speedways.
A website to showcase the many Speedway photo & video DVDs I have created and are For Sale.
The start of a small website going back to the origins of the sport in Australia.
Click on the photo of Frank Matich.
A website for pictorial reports of Vintage Speedway outings.
Now on line .
For the viewer who also likes modern Speedway .
A website of my photos of Sprintcars shot by me over several years at various Speedways in NSW.
A new website of mine - preserving rare old Speedway and road racing programmes in the form of A4 scans. The complete programme is scanned at 400 dpi and enhanced and presented in a clean sharp manner for you to purchase and enjoy.
A website showing Speedway promotional material over the years.
 A bit about me and my career in the Automotive Industry and Motor Sports - some Memorabilia FOR SALE - Q5 and I photos.
A website purely for the sales of my private Speedway memorabilia collection.